Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FG&G Lives!

For Gold and Glory is still around! Just discovered that there are new books coming out and the old book is still being worked on. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's essentially OSRIC for AD&D 2e. Though there are a few little rules in there I'd change (for example, no bulk purchases of WPs—er, Combat Skills, and I'd reintroduce the Weapon Type vs. Armor chart since it plays such a key role in my own games), I love FG&G with all my heart. I'd love to make the 10th Age an FG&G friendly setting.

Furthermore, I've done some tinkering with the Obsidian Portal version of the 10th Age, mostly due to the fact that they fucked everything badly when they updated the Portal. None of my links with accents worked, the background is hideous, and the columns are way too small... but hey, that's why I have the Atlas on my downloads page here, anyway.

What does this mean? Maybe I'll get their official endorsement of the Atlas of Arunia Ecumenia, Cults and Temples of the Middle World, and the 10th Age Character Sheet, because I'm certainly going to be using FG&G for any 10th Age products in the future.

Edit: I should also note that I use the bleeding out rules below 0 as well, which FG&G doesn't have mentioned in their book. However, rather than as written (1 hp per round) once you are below 0 hp you lose 1d4 hp every round until someone bandages you to stop the bleeding. You remain crippled for the day as per normal, and healing magic will only bring you to 1 while you are below zero but needs not be rolled.


  1. Justen's original plan was to drop all optional rules. As editor, I added a lot of optional stuff back in, and I did add some 1e concepts back in as well. I myself recently lamented not including a "death's door" rule. I have my own version and that is part if the problem, many GMs have developed their own hose rules anyway. Skills wered added after I did my edits, but I thought Justen included some sort of broad and narrow weapon groups.

    1. No, no, it's totally understandable. There are group weapon skills, that's just one of the rules I've never played with. My group has been talking about putting together an index of all our house rules for a while anyway.

  2. Ah I misunderstood you. You do NOT allow weapon groups. Now I see. As for the Weapon v. Armor. I felt the optional table in 2e was not really worth the effort, but the table from 1e was a bit overly complicated. Recently, I found a "to-hit" table that somehow incorporated the 1e weapon v. armor modifiers directly to each THAC on the chart. That system might actually work for me, but it's a little complicated too and I didn't spend a lot of time analyzing it.