Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Remedies, Natural, Historical

Not much today except this excellent but brief paper on illnesses in the Middle Ages and various folk cures.

I've extracted them from the paper itself and list them here for your benefit:

Fever: Violets in Whey
Constipation: Dulse (seaweed) in water flamula jovis
Insomnia: Linarich or nettle tops and egg white applied to forehead and temples
Worms: Tans, Whiskey
Diarrhoea: infusion of nettle leaves
Dropsy: Infusion of broom tops and nettle leaves
Nausea: Infusion of dandelion root
Cough: Hart's tongue and maidenhair, yarrow or coltsfoot
Scurvy: Dulse
Headache: Dulse and linarich applied to temples
Sciatica: Fat of catara fowl applied to thigh, blistering over thigh with crowfoot in an oyster shell
Toothache: Green turf heated with embers applied to side of pain
Cough: Bathe feet in warm water then apply deer's grass
Conjunctivitis: Blades of fern with egg white applied with flax
Epistaxis: drop key down back
Burn: Place burnt limb near fire
Haemorrhoids: Sit on pail with smouldering leather
Ring Worm: Apply ink, butter, or sulphur, rub with gold ring
Eczema or abscess: Cow dung poultice

Here's the full paper.


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