Monday, September 16, 2013

Harps and Things

In the 10th Age there are, just as in the world of real men and women and harps and things, several families of stringed instrument (many referred to as harps) that are played by the various cultures of the land. Listed here are some videos and pictures as well as brief descriptions of where each instruments hails from.

The Elvish Greatharp - Based on the Finnish Kantele. Sitting and traveling greatharps.

The Eylic Hand Harp - based on the saxon lyre known as a hearpe

The Milean Lyre - based on the Roman lyre

Dwarves play a version of the Eylic Hand Harp known simply and appropriately as the Dwarven Harp.

Other string instruments of common use across all cultures include the lute, the rebec, the viol, and the hurdy gurdy.

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