Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Golmarrageth's Gallery: The Staff and the Jug

More darks on the storehouse of weaponry made by Golmarrageth the Smith has surfaced this cycle. The chant's that the bubbers in the Whistles and Bells (Baatorians only, sorry berks) have been rattlin' their boneboxes about two of the stranger items in the old fiend's workshop. Whether or not they've made it out to the wider world or are stranded in that backplane pit of Pandesmos, this spiv don't rightly know.

Golmarrageth's Staff. This staff is invisible. It cannot interact with anything: when swung, it passes through its targets. It will not even so much as tip over a goblet. It leaves no sign of its passage, and there is no displacement of air. If placed in a large body of water, it will not make room for itself. If pushed under, water equivalent to its length is not displaced. No magical sight can get a fix on it, nor can any mortal or immortal. If detected for magic, it radiates nearly artifact level power, which is one of the only ways to be able to see it. If gripped, the wielder can feel the cool knobbed wood beneath his palm.

Golmarrageth's Jug. This jug is small, about the size of an aquamanila, and has a thin spout which is also the only way to put liquids into it. Tipping it to pour it will result in nothing. Golmarrageth was fond of remarking that the jug contained nothing rather than didn't contain anything. This seems to be true, for any liquid poured down its throat never comes back out again. All the canny bloods know that its impossible that the damn thing destroys it since things can never be truly destroyed. But who's to say what happens once you pour something down this spout? Not this spiv.

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