Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Additional Gangbuster's Careers: Lawyers

Some preliminary notes for adding Lawyers (and perhaps later Politicians who aren't just high level criminals :V) to Gangbusters.



Qualifications. In order to practice law, lawyers must have no criminal convictions on their record. In addition, they must have the new skill Law. Judges may rule that characters with an Observation of 50+ may have the Law skill at character creation if they so choose. The Judge should have the character make a Luck check to see if he's been born into a family wealthy enough to pay for his schooling. If he fails this check, he cannot be a lawyer.

To become a lawyer later in the game the PC must have observation 85+ and $1,000 for law school which takes 2 years, during which time the lawyer is still his previous class.

Powers. Lawyers have the following powers:

1. They may delay or speed the acquisition of any warrant based with a successful Law check by a number of days based on their Presence score. (It's a assumed that they get word of the warrant through their channels in the legal community and then use their Presence and Legal Score to oppose its issuance). In order to discover a warrant has been issued, the Judge may make a Luck check modified by the Lawyer's Presence and Level.

2. They may legally practice Law within the state where they received their license.

Options. Independent Practitioner, Public Defender, Firm Work

Salaries. Attorneys fees are generally based on their clientele, which in turn is based on their level. Lower level lawyers will attract considerably less wealthy clients.

Independent Practitioner Salaries:

Start at $2,800 a year and end at $12,000 a year
Level 1 -- $2,800/year and $55/week
Level 2 -- $3,000/year and $58/week
Level 3 -- $3,300/year and $63/week
Level 4 -- $3,800/year and $73/week
Level 5 -- $4,000/year and $77/week
Level 6 -- $4,400/year and $85/week
Level 7 -- $6,000/year and $115/week
Level 8 -- $6,400/year and $124/week
Level 9 -- $7,000/year and $135/week
Level 10 -- $7,500/year and $144/week
Level 11 -- $8,000/year and $153/week
Level 12 -- $9,000/year and $173/week
Level 13 -- $10,000/year and $192/week
Level 14 -- $11,000/year and $212/week
Level 15 -- $12,000/year and $231/week

These salaries are dependent upon the lawyer working for the week. If they choose to do something other than work, they make no money that week. It's important to note that most lawyers will want to rent offices, which cost $30/week on top of their normal rent. These costs completely negate their income ($5 in taxes, $20 in rent, $30 in office rent) unless they supplement their income.

This income assumes that the independent practitioner does not take any criminal cases, but rather deals only with civil suits. Taking criminal cases increases the lawyer's intake by 10%, effectively canceling the effect of taxation (an extra $5/week at level 1, etc.)

Encounters. If the lawyer is open to taking criminal cases, there is a 25% chance per week (or session) that they will be given a special case. These cases are intense and deal with major issues and should be created by the judge. Criminals may feel inclined to pay the lawyer a bonus if he represents them (based on their own level and income). If the lawyer has influence within the political structure, he can sometimes be assigned as a special prosecutor for the state (a 5% chance).

Money paid (IE, the hourly rate) by criminals for special cases must be determined by the Judge and the Lawyer at the time the case is taken. Lawyers may employ PIs or even bribe the police for assistance with big cases.

Experience for lawyers
Succeeding at a special case = 2,000 xp x level of defendant (if successful defense or prosecution, depending who the lawyer represents)
Per dollar earned in reward = 1 xp
Per dollar earned working criminal cases = 1 xp


  1. wow - making me want game more - i have 90s book with no maps

  2. Thanks, guys. I hope to release more paths for the Lawyers (firm, public defender) as well as a politician (as distinct from criminal, if that can even be) and a Churchman (maybe) career.