Monday, July 8, 2013

A Map of the Lamp Country

The eventual goal for the boxed set was (is) to provide several books. Two of these have already been made available as text, namely the Atlas of Arunia Ecumenia (a guidebook with general overviews of the entire setting) and Cults and Temples of the Middle World (which deals with gods and goddesses that would be encountered by the PCs). The final set was (IS!) laid out to have several other companion books.

These were A DM's Guide to Arunia, the Handbook of Habits and Clothing, a short adventure, and a single slender book presenting a detailed description of one of the setting regions for play to begin in. Rather than a howling wilderness (of which Arunia has many) or the edge of civilized lands (the same), I thought it would be really interesting to present a guide for adventuring somewhere in the heart of the old empire. Thus, the final book in the set was always meant to be A Traveler's Guide to the Lamp Country. This region of the empire is a semi-independent province that was given over to the administration of halflings and gnomes during the Pillar Age. It is, in a sense, the 10th Age Shire, though it has its fair share of dangers.

I've decided to skip the more quotidian books for now and begin immediately on the Guide to the Lamp Country. For that reason, here is a preview of a hex map I made for my own use. The scale is 1 hex to one Imperial Rod (mile). The towns are numbered, not labeled, but I am hoping to have this map redrawn for the Guide so it will be present in both in-game fancy hand-drawn versions and more useful ones with optional hex sheets.

(More about the towns pictured can be discovered at the 10th Age Obsidian Portal website here)

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