Friday, May 10, 2013

Random Character Generation?

Currently this owes a lot to Chris Kutalik & Co's Feudal Anarchy. Not sure if it makes sense so far, but here are some rough outlines of the random character generation system:

Birth Rank
01-06; unrecognized bastard
7-10; recognized bastard
11-26; Sixth
27-40; Fifth
41-54; Fourth
55-67; Third
67-73; Third, but heir if noble
74-86; Second
86-91; Second, but heir if noble
92-00; First (heir if noble)

Parent’s Social Class
01-05; clericus
6-26; nobilis
27-00; servilus

Parent’s Occupation
(human, clericus — all classes)
1-95; pastoral or urban priest, low ranking (religion or writing for free; +2d8 starting gold)
96-99; high ranking priest, abbot, or hierarch (religion (deity) + writing for free, +2d20 starting gold)
00; Hierophant (religion (deity) + writing + history (any) for free, +1d10x10 starting gold)

(human nobilis — fighters)
1-70; Unlanded Nobles
1-85; Belted Knight/Household Knight (riding NWP for free, +25% starting gold)
86-95; Seneschal/Steward/Bailiff (reading/writing AND heraldry, +50% starting gold)
96-00; Court Mage (reading/writing AND history (ancient), +75% starting gold)
71-00; Landed Nobles
01-80; Landed Knight (riding AND lance for free, +75% starting gold)
81-95; Baron (one sword WP AND riding AND lance, +150% starting gold)
96-98; Count (one sword WP AND riding AND lance, +200% starting gold)
99-00; Duke (one sword WP AND riding AND lance, +300% starting gold)


  1. Intriguing. Is there a reason the "Parent's Social Class" table is opposite the rest in terms of high vs low roll? Not that it matters, random is random, it just jumped out at me as a little odd...

    1. Just my sloppiness and haste in putting this up, nothing more!