Monday, April 8, 2013

Gross Goblin Gods Monday: Kushad Siegebreaker

(Siegebreaker, the Raper)

Lesser God, CE
Portfolio: Sieges, rape
Aliases: None
Domain Name: The Blazing City, the Fifth Hell
Superior: Halash, Toynash
Allies: Duzarh and Halash
Foes: Bishush, Lorosh, Ashad
Symbol: An iron-prowed ram
Worshipper Alignment: Any evil

Kushad (KOO-shad) is one of the sons of Ulagos the Potter and brother to Toynash, the ruler-god of the goblin pantheon. Younger and more lusty by far, Kushad is famed for the rape of Ezaya (which produced Lorosh, the God of Farming, his son) as well as battling Ashad the Lord of Slaughters.
He is the patron of siege engineers, invading armies, and works closely with his older half-brother Duzarh, Lord of Loot. Halash, the powerful step-child of Toynash, rules the goblin war pantheon and has nominal authority over the insanities of Kushad.

The goblins know him as a lusty and violent bugbear—he is always depicted fully erect, and his penis is generally tipped with iron on all of his eikons. He wears a filthy knotted beard and has round staring eyes, often depicted as blazing red.

Kushad is known as the Raper and the Siegebreaker, and his portfolios coincide violently.  The way in which he “breaks” sieges, of course, is by smashing the city gates with his ram-prick and allowing the besieging army entrance. He represents the goblin will to dominance, particularly the patriarchal structure of their society (also represented in Atabaq the Father) and his control over rape is not seen as a damning factor but rather as a great honor.

He is a favorite of armies on the march or conducting long sieges, and many rams are christened in his name.

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