Friday, April 19, 2013

Chechens, Boston, and No Blog Today

Having lived in Boston for 7 years, this shit is definitely affecting me. Not on a deep soul-searching level—I'm not crying at my desk. But I know that town inside and out, I went to college there AND Grad School, and I'm following the whole unfolding story pretty closely.

I was going to write a new post this morning, but instead I find myself glued to my machine devouring any information I can find. The two marathon bombers are supposedly Chechen (or Dagustani), though it's hard to know why they did what they did at this stage: a protest against the US sharing information with Putin and the various wars (which they believe were undertaken with American complicity) in the region? Who can say.

Either way, far too distracted to make a blog post about dice mechanics and interpreting them. Look for that on tuesday, perhaps.

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