Monday, March 18, 2013

Pantheon Monday: Omiros Farstrider

(Farstrider, the Talespinner, the Long-strider)

Intermediate God, NG
Portfolio: Stories, storytellers, discovery
Aliases: None
Domain Name: The Fruitful Haven, Valingas
Superior: None
Allies: Vaela
Foes: Any evil, particularly Glyrea
Symbol: A bearded sagely head
Worshipper Alignment: Any

Omiros (OH-mir-os) was a gigantine god, one of the original Aspect Gods of the Night Age. He is still worshipped by many Cloud Giant bards and sages, from whence he draws his power. His bastions in mannish and demi-human lands are few and far between.

He is a joyful god, much given to jokes and laughter. He is also a melancholy god who has walked the world and seen its woes and terrors. He rarely interferes directly with the affairs of mortals; as one of the Old Gods he is untouchable by the Aelio, but he still respects their strengths. 

He despises the evil gigantine gods and insofar as he has any agenda in the world, opposing them and healing the evils done by them is a big one. It is said that he knows more about Mother Night than most other gods have forgotten in their lifetimes.

In appearance Omiros is a gigantic pale blue skinned or flint skinned sage. His beard is snow white, and he often wears a green tunic or toga and carries a walking stick.

The Church
Clergy: Specialty priests, bards, rangers, fighters
Clergy’s Alignment: Any good
Turn Undead: No
Command Undead: No

The Church of Omiros is a gigantine foundation with few mannish or demihuman outposts in Arunia. Those that have been founded are generally the relics of some ancient gigantine wanderer who taught a few men his faith and then moved on. They have no relationship to one another and no holy text, though mystic inspiration from Omiros prevents various branches from drifting too far apart.

His temples are generally comfortable and have no secret sacral heart: all travelers are welcome, and Omirian priests of the journey will tend to any wounded who can afford to donate.

A further reason why his temples are rare is the wanderlust felt by most Omirian priests.

Dogma: Tales are gold.

Day-to-Day Activities: Omirian priests generally spend their time wandering and collecting stories from the wide world. Those who stay in their temples are usually compilers and text-writers.

Major Centers of Worship: Cloudhame

Affiliated Orders: None

Priestly Vestments: Priests of Omiros generally carry a club and staff and wear a mantle on their heads of white linen or cotton embroidered with a gigantine “o.”

Adventuring Garb: Omirians are not strict about their garb, though they will often wear depictions of Omiros’ bearded face.

(Specialty Priest)

REQUIREMENTS: Wis 9, Int 15, Cha 10
WEAPONS: Staff, club, knife; cannot wear armor heavier than mail
MAJOR SPHERES: All, astral, divination, elemental (air), healing, protection, travelers
MINOR SPHERES: Animal, elemental, guardian, plant
MAGICAL ITEMS: Any priestly
REQ. PROFS: Read/write any
BONUS PROFS: Any local history, player’s choice

The Talekeeper has a 25% resistance to charm and mind control magic.

At 3rd level, the Talekeeper can use the wizard spell whispering wind once per day for every 3 experience levels he has attained.

At 5th level, the Talekeeper needs to eat half as much food as a normal traveler as long as he picks up one new story every three days.

At 7th level, the Talekeeper learns survival (one environment) for free. It should be the primary environment of his travels.

At 10th level, the Talekeeper can gain a temporary boost to his charisma if he knows the stories of a region or race. For every tale the PC knows about a particular area or race the Spinner gets a +1 bonus to all reaction bonuses with aforesaid group. This bonus will never exceed +6, nor will it allow the priest to temper the reactions of people the DM decides cannot be swayed or otherwise convinced, as normal.

At 15th level, the priest can stride for seven leagues once per week as per seven league boots.

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