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Sunday Sneak: Imperial Magnates

Another excerpt from what will become the boxed set, this details the regions of the empire and the magnates that rule them:

The lords of each duchy and county play important roles in the governance of the empire. They’ve been listed here for your convenience along with the most powerful magi and the heads of the great cults that call the empire home.

The Principalities of Westreth and Lomere: The emperor’s cousin, Balduen Galoen, rules these central lands from his familial seat in Tourons. While the emperor is descended from a cadet branch of the Galoen house, Balduen himself can claim true descent from the Watchmasters of old and the ancient Kings of Westreth. The Prince of Westreth bears a three-towered fortress upon a field of azure.

The Duchy of Auruxol: Darius Anarjent was elevated by Tamerin to the status of duke early in his reign. Most of the other high nobility see Darius as a toady, always willing to bend to the whim of the emperor and in this they are right: Auruxol provides the main supply of gold to the emperor’s coffers. The Duke of Auruxol bears three coins of gold on a black field.

The Grand Duchy of Byrne: Mellene Allore, Duchess of Byrne, inherited the title from her father, Kamelin, who had been a king before Byrne’s subjugation. Her elder sister, Leylia, was married to the emperor against her will. Still, Mellene tries to appease the emperor to make her sister’s life easier. The Grand Duchess of Byrne bears a pair of crossed sable battle axes on a field of erminois.

The Duchy of Mermarche: The Duke of the Seareach is Theolus Amvor, a man who is like an uncle to Prince Balduen but who despises the emperor deeply. He’s a vigorous politician and a capable warrior much beloved by his people. The Duke of Mermarche bears a cog on a blue field with a wavy chief of silver.

The Duchy of Paix: Elena of Paix, ruler of the South Hamlets, is a quiet and withdrawn sorceress who holds her power close. She can be a fierce supporter of the emperor and an implacable foe if she believes his policy is misguided. The Duchess of Paix bears three ruby-and-gold rings facing inwards on a field divided per pall azure, gules, and sable.

The Tenury of Agrilla: Grandmaster Jacques Sarjent is the head of the Order of the Sword Militant; a rigidly honorable paladin, Sarjent cares little for the internal politics of the empire and seeks instead only to point the order always at worthy external foes. The Grandmaster is entitled to bear the arms of the Sword Militant: a single blade point downwards surmounted by a blue rod of captaincy on a gray field.

The County of Cendre: Count Arlendus Valnascius, a hard-bitten warrior, rules the county of Cendre and keeps it safe from the dangers of the Whitespear Mountains. He’s known for his brusqueness and the up-front nature he deals with problems, something which does not endear him at court. The Count of Cendre bears a spear of argent on a sable chief and a bend azure on a field or.

The County of Coer: Regald of Coer is said to be a cruel, vain, and dangerous man who killed his half-brother Felix to gain his seat. Whether or not this is true, he rules Coer with his younger brother, the mage Vulminus. Together they seek only the betterment of their family and their own county. The Count of Coer bears a lion rampant gules on a field d’or.

The County of Crestley: Crestley County is ruled by Lord Sereus Crestley, who has spent his life defending the Channel Profunda against oceanic raiders. He is something of a sea-knight, though he has grown old in his station. He is an eminently pragmatic man, though he can be as dangerous as Vodei if crossed. The Count of Crestley bears three fish argent on a field azure. 

The County of Dirkshire: Lord Robart Alere, of the ancient Alere line, is the count of Dirkshire and Bataille. He is said to be a young man of great melancholies. He prefers to remain potlically neutral. He is rumored to be protected by the elf-wizard Telendril the Illuminated, who protected his father before him. The Count of Dirkshire bears a scroll impaled upon a blade sable all upon a field of purpure.

The Lamp Country: The chief representative of the Lamp Country is the Grand Mayor Falthus Milkroot of Hilling. He reports directly to the High Lawkeeper, as the Lamp Country was technically given over to the Temple of Miles long before the Third Empire was founded. He is a cheerful, fat little halfling who speaks for the entire Aldercouncil of the Lamp Country. The Grand Mayor may wear (though rarely does) a golden lamp on a black field.

The Lonely Land: This wild region falls under the rough command of Sieur Amory Lunly, a knight who’s throat was torn open in some deadly encounter in his youth, leaving his voice harsh and low. While he cannot command the various barons and castellans of the land, he is tasked with leading the Lonely Watch which brings him a great deal of respect amongst them. He bears a lantern argent and a sword in the chief on a field of sable, the sign of the Watch.

The County of Montrose: Jolie Rabmont, Lord of Montrose, is said to be anything but. He is a grim and humorless man, devoted entirely to the worship of Akem and the contemplation of death. His father still lives, having given up his countship to retire to an Akemite monastery. The Count of Montrose bears a heraldic red rose with four lobes growing from a hill on a field verde.

The County of Noranos: Lord Dorain Mergal, Master of the Fleet, rules the county of Noranos and the city of Noranos itself. He’s a large, happy man—happy as only a fat man can be. He loves adventurers, mostly because htey make good fodder to help clear out bastions of Reaver elves. The Count of Noranos and Master of the Fleet bears a blue star on a white field.

The Outer Shires: The Outer Shires have no single ruler; each shire is ruled by a council of magnates and barons. The representative to the imperial curia is known as the Grand Reeve who is entitled to wear a portcullis d’or on a field verde. This Reeve is elected by the magnate councils once every three years.

The County of Rûn: Lord Thovus of Rûn has five sons, all of whom travel with him wherever he goes. He’s one of the oldest lords in the demesne and needs the support of his children, physically, to attend court. Withered and ancient but supposedly cunning as well, Thovus commands one of the poorer counties of the empire–yet he always seems to be flush with gold. The Count of Rûn bears a quartered field of gules and sable.

The County of Serpentis: Duke Leonus of Savont is known as a cunning man, shifty of allegiance. To his credit, it seems as though he makes decisions not for his own gain, but for the people of his province. He rarely leads men himself, though the region is in constant need of sword-arms to fight the lizardfolk and troglodytes that infest its swamps. The Count of Serpentis bears a serpent couchant chief on a field or per fess sable nowy.

The County of Tournése: Althis Valtour is a young parvenu; his father perished in the Byrnish War. He is a lover of all things adventuresome and magical and will gladly sponsor adventurers of whatever stripe. He bucks against law and order frequently, often riding out as though he himself were an adventurer. The Count of Tournése bears a tower d’or chief on a field divided per fess azure and sable.

The County of Vaelaron: Lady Mitheria Vae, Countess of Vaelaron, is a time-worn matron with an eye for land in Agrilla as well as in the Byrnish Waste. She’s a suave politician who despises the excesses of the imperial court and prefers her backcountry estates. The Countess of Vaelaron bears a sheaf of three arrows gules downpointed on a field d’or.

The Westmarch: Count Calcis Vigilis of the Westmarch is a bellicose man with broad shoulders and a beard. He’s considered somewhat uncouth, being a marcher lord, though with the capture of Byrne Westmarch is no longer a front save against the bandits of the Byrnish Waste. The Count of Westmarch bears a great battle axe d’or on a field purpure.

The Imperial Wizard: Lord Julianus, High Wizard of the Imperial Court and technically the master of all mages and magical law within the empire, lives and works from the imperial domus. He’s a short man with iron grey hair and a serious attitude about his work. He is entitled to bear the ancient sign of three golden sunbursts on a field of purpure.

The High Lawkeeper: Ellarent Pellas is the chief authority in the Temple of Miles, which serves Haeron. He’s the chief jurist and advocate of the entire realm, master of the Twelve Divines that run the cult, and ultimate authority on matters of canon and church law. He’s a slender middle aged man with a salt and pepper beard who believes first and foremost of the upright nature of the law and those who abide by it.

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