Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Silks, damask, and other things

Silk, the Tyrfian Cloth
While the only sources of silk in Arunia are trade routes, and all these trade routes wind through Mugharia and ultimately to Zhongguo, it enters the northern world by way of the Moon Kingdoms and the Free Cities. The final port of call outside Arunia is the great goblin city of Mamil al-Tyfir, so for this reason it is sometimes known as the Tyrfian Cloth.

Damask, Shalm
The process of weaving wool or linen onto silk was originated in the great Ishtrian weaving capitol of as-Sham along the eastern coasts of that desert land. Ships from Ishtria often make their way to Ninfah and the Trident Isles bearing good loads of the stuff since it sells so well in the Milean Empire and Llyris. Through translation, the name of the stuff has come to be a Varanized version of the very place where it was made; as-Sham -> Shalm.

Arras, Dolnon cloth
The weaving associated with Arras takes place in the Republic of Meirenia due to its massive export of wools. The finest tapestries in the north are of Dolnon cloth and by extension these incredibly expensive and well-made tapestries have taken on that name.

Champaign, Casvannan
While Champaign only comes from Champaign, its equivalent in Arunia only comes from the Silversong region of Casvannan. While others have mastered the art of adding bubbles to wine, only the semi-sweet and dry grapes of the Casvannan can truly be referred to by their proper name.

Port, Ruby wine
Brewed by dwarves, this fortified wine comes from the Arinnfal. Since the process by which distillation occurs is still a highly guarded dwarven and/or alchemical secret, the production of ruby wine is limited to those areas with the knowledge to perform that alcoholic distillation (which are few and far between). Also called dwarf wine.

Spice wine, glimmerwine/firewine
Wine spiced with pepper from Ralashar is universally known as glimmerwine or firewine (if the pepper content is high enough). It may also contain cardamom, cinnamon, and even saffron if the server is wealthy.

Patterned steel, Ishtrian Steel
The steel type normally associated with Damascus in our world is produced all throughout the Dominions of Ishtria and Hadash and imported into Arunia only rarely. Ishtrian steel is prized for its beauty and flexibility.

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