Monday, December 10, 2012

Spells from the Elves, vol. I

The elves of Arunia have a long and colored history of magic use. From Oronnos and the ancient elven mages of Tailimisia to the modern-day kingdoms of the wind elves, magic has always been a part of elvish society. It's no surprise that such a highly literate and scholarly culture would maintain deep archives of magical lore. Here, then, are some spells from the volumes of forgotten lore stocked away in elvish storehouses.


Prismatic Lightning

Range: 40 yds + 10 yds/level                  Components: V, S, M
Duration: Instantaneous                          Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: Special                             Saving Throw: 1/2

Much like the less powerful lightning bolt, this spell calls forth powerful blasts of energy that the caster can direct as per that spell. However, when Prismatic Lightning is cast the sorcerer flings not one but 4 bolts of varying colors. The caster can direct each of the four bolts independently. They deal damage as per a lightning bolt (1d6/caster level to a maximum of 10d6) but have other effects as well based on their color. These bolts do not reflect off of surfaces like regular lightning bolts.

Colors (roll 1d6 for each bolt to determine color):

1. RED -- Red bolts boil blood and flesh of organic creatures. Flesh sizzles, blackens, and cracks where they strike. Anyone hit by a red bolt will be filled with pain. There are no saving throws to halve the damage of red lightning bolts; instead, the target must save vs. paralysis or be in so much pain that the only thing they can do for 1d6 rounds thereafter is moan and whimper.

2. BLUE -- Blue bolts have incredible power; they knock their targets backwards 3d12 yards. The saving throw does not cut damage in this case, much like the red bolts. Rather, the target must save vs. spell or be launched backwards and take an additional amount of damage as though they had fallen that distance.

3. VIOLET -- Violet bolts leap from target to target, striking up to three additional people as long as they are each within 10 feet of the other.

4. ORANGE -- Orange bolts act as normal lightning bolts but set clothing, flesh, and surroundings on fire where they touch.

5. YELLOW -- Yellow bolts dehydrate their target, dealing double their damage dice.

6. GREEN -- Green bolts leave an acidic residue behind which deals 1d4 damage/level the first round after they strike and progressively (1 die) less damage each additional round. The acid eats through cloth instantly but takes a number of rounds equal to the AC protection of the armor they are attacking -- eg, AC 8 armor provides 2 rounds of protection while the acid burns through.

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  1. Clearly, in the depths of my illness I have lost my mind. AuldDragon has presented the idea that the prismatic bolts should have the same effects as the prismatic spells that already exist by color -- a great plan. Also, the damage dice should be divided somehow, 40d6 (potentially 50d6) is way too much damage.