Monday, December 17, 2012

News from Arunia, the Summer War

In the North, rumors abound that the brief and furious summer war between Essad and Soloth has come to an end. Hyrek Thur, the Slaver King, has agreed to pay the City of the Wyrm an annual subsidy in gold and slaves in exchange for the aid from Soloth to help put down the widespread revolts inside Essad. Already Solothen forces are gathering at the Fields of Blood to march south and sweep into the Agricon where the slaves hold their strongest position.

In Dorlan, the Great Families have been maneuvering all summer around one another. With the coming of autumn and the seasonal tax dues traveling to Silano the Council of Mages has been convened to discuss the state of their neighbors and the relative weakness of Essad at this critical time. However, as the Vecchio and Vecchia leave their provinces to journey to the capital there are whispers of violence erupting between the feuding families.

In the Forest of Silversong the elves stand divided once again over the fitness of the Towerborn king to rule. Shipping and trade came to a halt early this year: before the autumn stormy season could officially begin, a band of ogres and their trained giants took possession of the Isle of Meri and its shrine, traditionally used to bless ships before they leave the Silversong Coast. Without access to the shrine there, most of the Free Merchants decided to cancel their journeys to Dorlan, staying rather to winter in the city of Tyrma.

In the East the Free Cities for once have lain down their swords against each other. Massive armies pour now into Mamil al-Tyfir, the great goblin city that stands as the backbone of the Tyfrian League. In stark opposition to Vagrysj the Lion, the League prepares for the coming spring and the blood that will flow over the rocky landscape of the Far East when that great ogre-king pushes farther north with his massive and endless armies.

Brief skirmishes erupted along the mutual Weyland/Claulan/Stonemark border early in the autumn over perceived trade rights with the dwarves. This flare-up of hostilities opens old wounds between the three kingdoms which were once united under the ancient banner of Middlemark. Seiber vel Clauren has been overheard discussing the possibility of war and King Vortigen of Weyland called his barons and erls to Cyregel for a bellicose meeting.

Fighting in the Valelands has come to a halt, with most of the Dorlish occupying force withdrawing beyond the March. The Dorls, however, have left a governor at Michelstadt along with a detachment of Baldannes soldiers to guard her. The short-lived "kingdom of Withlum" has officially collapsed in the face of strident opposition from each of the Valeland governors, who cannot be brought to an agreement about anything. Northmount Abbey continues to host them within its walls, but for how much longer remains debatable.

Of course, things are happening in the Empire as well... but they are too far and too jumbled for me to report them. Perhaps when ships set sail once again and round the Straits in the spring we will get some news of the interminable wars waged by the so-called Emperor, Tamerin.

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