Friday, November 16, 2012

Looking to the Future

Here are the things on my plate right now, many of which will be coming to fruition a long way down the line:

Working for a company called Track180 -- eventually (eventually) we will be publishing a news app that aggregates all kinds of news sources by human hands and not by algorithm. It makes for a sort of "news conversation" with a semantic web to other news conversations. It's super neat and definitely gonna be big if we ever get off the ground.

Building the 10th Age boxed set -- Lotta folks are interested in this, I gather, and only more since I released THoD. There won't be a boxed set until sometime next year at the earliest (hopefully for GenCon Indy 2013) because this is a massive undertaking.

Meadmaking -- Mead came out. It's rough right now, but will mature. Good drink!

SCA -- being in the SCA means I have to learn to sew, make garb, and clad myself in medieval fashion, which is a ton of work.

Medieval Hack -- Beginning my medieval hack campaign (even though I'm still running 2 D&D campaigns). Set in a fictional part of the Welsh Marshes, still working out whether I'm gonna force the guy who made a pirate captain to reroll (where the hell is his ship going to hang out in the middle of the March? Maybe he's a riverine pirate? I don't know).

I'm also writing a medieval hack list for the ladies since we have a ladyplayer who doesn't like to be men who really can't be rolling up a ladysquire since that's just not how things were done.

By the by, I'm going to put a permanent link to THoD up in case you guys haven't bought a copy yet. Do it!

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