Monday, October 22, 2012

The SCA and Living History

I've always wanted to join the SCA -- but you probably could've guessed that. A lot of my friends in grad school sneered when I brought the SCA up. Oh those guys they said. The reinactors. I'm not sure what exactly they had against them other than the vague notion that SCA people don't really know very much about the middle ages but from what I've seen they do a fair amount of research. Besides which, I'm not part of the uneducated masses when it comes to this subject since I know a great deal. So what's a boy to do?

Fuck 'em, that's what. Join the SCA, be as historically accurate and truthful to my own chosen time period as I can, and fuck 'em! Haters be hatin, and all that. I've gone in whole hog: brewing mead, carving up a sword with which to hit other people, and carefully planning out my 12th century garb. Having been to a single fight practice (heavy lists of course, none of this late-game fencing for me) I've already committed myself fully.

Insofar as this relates to D&D? I'm not sure that it does... yet. But as my experience with the SCA deepens, I'll see if I can't bring it all full circle somehow.


  1. Glad you are brewing mead after you moved out.

  2. Good for you sir! I've taken part in few medieval themed larps and also in some actual reenactments. Not medieval, but Napoleonic, but still great fun. And i will tell you that people on both sides of that coin know a huge amount about the time period they're trying to recreate. They just apply it in different ways is all...