Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The First Test

So, we went through about 4 hours (online time, that's probably 1/2 hour of in-person playing) of the Heart of Darkness (we call it Heart of Dorkness) module last night. Here are my thoughts:

* Need a longer time before the players enter the valley and the "fun" starts, otherwise they don't even know what's happening when they start getting slammed with foes.

* Probably gonna need an "on horror" section to help DMs describe things in a horrible (do ho) way. I'm not a fan of boxed text, so unless someone comments that they MUST HAVE IT, I am not going to include it.

* Some of the actual text of the adventure that I thought was pretty done turns out to not be pretty done after all. I gotta work on that.

* The pregens, after tooth-pulling discussions about how other people were going to have to play them too, actually turned out being pretty awesome.

* Steve's artwork is great and I can't wait to start laying out Heart of Darkness.

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