Monday, September 3, 2012

Some maps, some hints, some things to come

Today I have for you some maps from the upcoming October module, The Heart of Darkness. These are depictions of the valley of Strathwait and its one town, Culcomb. Just north of the region known a the Valelands, Strathwait is a narrow valley nestled in the high Black Mountains that looks down on the great and trackless forest of Pinefall.

Several hundred years ago it is said that the Dorls (particularly the half-elvish Dorls in Tyrolin) began eying the Pinefall with angry eyes and muttering that the dwarves of Pinehall should not be its masters. In particular, the elf Tiriodar Baldannus and his nephew Alphonsar agitated for war between the great Protectorate of Dorlan and the tiny dwarven hold that clung to the feet of the mountains.

It's been so long ago in mannish terms; generations have passed. For the dwarves that survived the Siege of Pinehall and the slaughters which followed it seems like only yesteryear. Now Pinehall stands empty and abandoned, its surviving sons and daughters having retreated to the village of Culcomb. The valley's history is dark and full of bloodshed, but Culcomb itself has always been peaceful.

That is, until now...

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