Monday, September 10, 2012

Magic of Miles, Vol. III

What's that? More magical items from Miles? Don't mind if I do!

Milean Shortblade
xp value: 1,000
gp value: 1,200

Short swords were common use during the late Second Empire and have been a staple of imperial weapon-smiths ever since. The type of short-blade to bear this specific enchantment (the most common enchanted short swords in the empire) were once given out to senior aides, generals, and diplomats of the empire. Legend says that they were enchanted by one of the ancient schola and this is born out by the school-marks imprinted upon the base of the blade near the hilts.

The enchantment woven around them makes them unnering in combat, granting a +1 bonus to-hit and a +2 bonus to damage. They are extremely fast and well-weighted, giving them a speed of 1. Any wounds made by one of these ornamental short swords will bleed for two rounds afterwards, dealing an additional 1d4 points of damage.

Plumed Helm

xp value: 600
gp value: 6,000+

The nobility of Miles love displays of wealth and nothing shows off their power so much as an antique, except perhaps something from far away. The plumed helms of Milean knights manage both: peacock feathers from Mugharia (or even more exotic ones from Zesh) adorn these refurbished magical helms. Middle Second Empire in age, there are only a few hundred of these particular helms in the empire though it has become quite the style for the high nobility to fashion replicas.

Plumed helms deflect all critical hits that would strike the head, blunting them by the force of the gold-chased Maidic runes wrought upon their steel. In addition, those wearing a plumed helm will find fewer blows striking them (-1 bonus to AC) and discover that their sight has greatly improved, allowing them to pick out details at a range of about 300 yards.

Quill of Expedience

xp value: 200
gp value: 800

These quills have actually only become more common in recent centuries with the formation of the Grand Conclave of Wizards in Miles. Quills of expedience were first created by Quilian monks in the abbey of Saint Winter's on the Mermarche border and they spread to the capitol with great rapidity. There are perhaps five or six thousand such quills in the empire and smaller numbers that have made their way abroad.

Often known as the "scholar's ally" or the "wizard's friend," the quill, when placed upon a blank sheet of parchment, can hover in place and record the dictates of its master as he speaks. While this is useless for long documents (it cannot turn pages) or recording spells (since there are unnutterable sounds required), it serves as a common first-try enchantment for wizards getting their feet under them in the world of making enchanted items.

These quills are most often made from cockatrice feathers, though rocs have also been proven to produce passable results.

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