Monday, August 6, 2012

The Work Continues

Text of the Miles book is completely done (but not edited) and is in the process of going through InDesign for transformation into a real manuscript that people can touch and download for free. I have got to finish the adventure before the deadline so DMs can have something to run in Miles, which means I have precious little time for musings on the nature of fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons and the like.

Hopefully, this week will slow down after Thursday (once all the art is in) and we can get the Lulu books up and going. Until then, my coverage is going to be somewhat spotty and I cannot guarantee any articles will be forthcoming. On the up side, I've been developing some interesting short story material that will hopefully be apparent after GenCon.

Shine on, my crazy diamonds, until I return.


  1. That's a real accomplishment, Josh - congratulations.

  2. Thanks muchly, Mike. Though it's not an official GenCon event this year (we started planning too early) the crew is hopefully planning to run a con 10th Age adventure next year to get some groundswell drummed up.