Friday, August 10, 2012

Necromancies from Arunia

The study of necromancy has been largely demonized and generally forbidden in the public eye since the Wars of Necromancy of the 9th Age which culminated in Tharos' ascension to godhood. However, that doesn't mean necromantic learning has suffered—no, indeed, Tharos' own Library of Black Knowledge as well as the many wizards in the north who refuse to be beholden to such trivial concepts of morality have advanced the Art within that field.

As such, I present two level one necromantic spells culled from the books of wizards Arunia-over:

Tharos' Siphon(Necromancy)

Range: 10 yards/level                              Components: V,S
Duration: 1d4 rds./level                          Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: One target and caster       Saving Throw: Negate

Tharos' siphon establishes a necromantic link between the caster and a single target. The siphon appears to be a long sinuous purple-black line of negative energy. It will bend and snake around things that attempt to cut it off, though contact can be broken if the target places an object 10' thick or greater between himself and the caster. If that target fails its saving throw, the caster begins to sap energy from it at the rate of 1 HP per round. Each round the spell remains active, the caster gains 1 HP and the victim loses 1 HP. A successful saving throw negates this effect; additional saves are allowed every four rounds to sever the link. Horrifyingly, the caster need not maintain concentration to continue this drain and is free to take other actions. If the target flees beyond the spells range, it ends.

Hit points gained over the caster's max are temporary and vanish at the end of the spell.


10 yds./level                                    Components: V,S
Duration: 1 hr.                                             Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: One humanoid target           Saving Throw: Negate

The target of sicken at once loses 2 points of CON (or 2 HP if they do not have a CON score) and suffers a -2 to-hit penalty due to the overwhelming ill feeling the target gets in his stomach. This does not cause the target any other immobility other than the to-hit penalty. If the target makes their saving throw vs. death magic, the spell is negated.

Sicken is incapable of killing anyone or anything on its own; if hp loss would knock the target unconscious or dead, any damage beyond 1 HP is ignored.

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