Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wizards and Weapons, sketches for Gencon

So, my faithful friends and I are putting together a quick book on the city of Miles to hand out at GenCon in about a month. Of course, this means a frantic scramble to get the thing completed, but it has caused my two artistes to bloom in ways I never thought possible: the rapid approach of a deadline seems to encourage prolificality.

For today, then, I present to you some sketches by Stephen Doolittle and Danny Perdue, the two artists who are imagining the 10th Age right alongside me. They are liable change, and I will try to give a little info about each one.

Figure A is a study of a Milean sword; the lack of cruciform hilt here is important; I've tried to stay away from any and all cruciform weaponry.

Figure B is a goblin sailor of some kind who has presumably shaved his natural fur, perhaps to better facilitate his work at sea.

Figure C are some of Steve's other sword designs and a wizard with a cowl lurking away on the right.

Figure D is one of my favorites, a Dorlish wizard (note the near-Renaissance garb common in Dorlan) staring at his cat familiar who apparently has been telling him lies.

Figure E is, of course, the venerable Solon the Silent who will eventually be in full color.

Figure F is Danny's study of various sword types. Starting at the upper left, we have a Milean arming sword, an ancient southman escurus (so arcane and obscure in today's Age that no one except a scholar of ancient history would even recognize it for what it was), a dwarven shortsword wrought with runes, and an elven scimitar designed, like so many elvish weapons, to mimic shapes found in the natural world.

If you're looking for a copy of the Miles book, we may make it available after GenCon. It's a player's sourcebook for the city, written by Hamish Letterfriend and directed specifically to adventuring audiences. We hope to include a short adventure pamphlet for DMs as well as a map and some other incidentals.

Fig A. Milean Sword, Stephen Doolittle
Fig B. Goblin Sailor, Stephen Doolittle

Fig C. Sketches, Stephen Doolittle

Fig D. Dorlish Mage, Stephen Doolittle

Fig E. Solon the Silent, Danny Perdue
Fig F. Study on Swords, Danny Perdue

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