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Classes from Zaan: the Lawful Cultist

As promised, here is the lawful cultist. Unfortunately, the list of Acts is incomplete, but that will be remedied in future Zaan posts. Of course, you could always cook up your own Lawful Acts and post them here!

Starting Glories: 1
Starting Age: 15+1d10

Cultists in Zaan represent the devoted religious who worship Gargonath the Grudgingly Good, Fobarg the Destroyer, or Neliath the Neutral. The devoted cultists most often languish away without any sign that they are anything but an afterthought. However, sometimes the priests of the Three Remaining Gods cast their eyes down onto the ruined world of Zaan and pick one of their chosen cultists to elevate with gifts of a divine nature.

Those who are chosen by the gods to receive their blessings are invariably either part of one of the cults, or else are rapidly inducted into one when they begin to show the signs of divine blessing. These gifts are called Glories, and they generally represent physical alterations that change the cultist. Cultist PCs may roll for 1 Glory on their alignment-related table at creation. Cultists receive a new Glory for every three levels they attain (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th).

Cultists may also invoke the power of their gods through Acts, divine miracles that must fulfill special circumstances to be called up. A cultist may use a number of Acts based on their level every day.

Level One Glories of Gargonath (Lawful) - 1d6+level

2-3 Blessing of Law - the cultist receives a permanent +1 bonus to-hit and damage when attacking any chaotic creature. Likewise, when a chaotic creature attacks the cultist they receive -1 to-hit.

4-5 Heart of Grudging Goodness - the cultist's heart glows with warm inner light, literally. He is always identified as belonging to Gargonath. Lawfully aligned creatures are much more likely to be friendly and chaotically aligned creatures to be hostile. Additionally, the cultist suffers 1 less point of damage per-die from anything that is cold (minimum of 1 per die) from now on.

6-7 Tongue of Gargonath - the cultist may speak and comprehend the language of any lawful creature as though he learned it. If this ability is rolled a second time, the cultist may command any lawful creature (as per the level 1 priest spell) once per day. Subsequent rolls increase the use of this ability to twice per day, etc.

8-9 Splendid Shining Sight - after the first round of combat the cultist may wait until all other creatures (including PCs) have rolled initiative. At this time he may choose to carry over his initiative roll from last round or roll anew. Subsequent rolls of this power decrease all initiative counts by 1 (or 2, or 3, etc.)

10 Skin of Light - the cultist's flesh emits a low-level radiance that is enough to light a 5' area around him, even in complete or magical darkness. He cannot make this radiance stop. Obviously, this makes him stand out as a target. However, he is also granted a permanent +1 bonus to AC. Repeated rolls increase AC by 1 each time and the radius by 5'.

11 Gaze of Righteousness - the cultist may, once per day, glare angrily at any being. If that creature is chaotic, it takes 1d6 points of damage for every level the cultist has achieved. If this kills the creature it is reduced to ash, otherwise it simply blisters and burns. Subsequent uses of this power increase the number of times it may be performed per day.

12 Body of Law - the cultist's flesh turns faintly gray. Any damage he takes from here on out is reduced by one point per day (to a minimum of 1). Subsequent rolls of this power reduce damage by another point per day.

13 Teeth of Gargonath - the cultist's teeth straighten themselves and become pearlescent. No poison ingested by the cultist can do him harm. Furthermore, the cultist can purify food and drink by spitting once per day. If this power is rolled again, the purification also causes the food or drink to restore 2d8 points of damage to anyone who partakes of it.

14 Sigh, Okay - the cultist is invested with Gargonath's heavy sigh. If at any point he is dealt harm, he may release this sigh and survive it. He retains any marks, loses any limbs, and takes all hit point damage (though he is never reduced below 1 hit point in response to which he expels this sigh) he would normally have taken. Rolling this ability multiple times grants an extra use of this power. The Sigh may be used ONCE. That's it!

15 Grudging Commendation - by recognizing the good done by others, the cultist can, once per day, imbue them with a +2 bonus to-hit and a +3 bonus to damage. This affects a number of man-sized lawful creatures equal to 1/3rd the cultist's charisma score and lasts for 1d4+1 rounds. Subsequent rolls of this ability increase the number of creatures commended by a further 1/3rd the cultist's charisma score.

16 Hold it Together - the cultist's hands have been imbued with the power of Law; he can closer extraplanar portals to the world of fiends with his fingertips over the course of 1 round per level of the spell or source used to breach reality. In addition, the cultist's very touch causes 1d8 points of damage to all demons.

17 Nut up - Once per day, the cultist may simply DO something. No rolls. He succeeds. What is DONE must be within the realm of immediate possibility; something for which a single roll would normally be made to determine success or failure. The utmost degree of success is achieved, within reason.

18 Curbstomp - If a chaotic creature has been knocked over or incapacitated and is not immune to critical hits, the cultist may spend a single action to execute it, killing it instantly.

19 Purest Jurist - The cultist's skin radiates pearly light. His AC is reduced by 4. He immediately gains another HD worth of hp. His saves are all given a permanent +2 bonus. Any chaotic creature that casts a spell at him must overcome an innate magical resistance of 15%.

20 Just Stop - the cultist's words of Gargonath's own, and they both want this to end. With an utterance, the cultist may forbid an action or course of action from being undertaken or completed by a creature with hit dice equal to or less than his own. This ability can be used once per week. Subsequent rolls allow the cultist to use it an additional time per week.

21 Mordecai's Ascent - the cultist can now fly at a rate of 10 and a maneuverability rating of C. Subsequent rolls improve movement by 1 and maneuverability by one category to a maximum of A.

22 Worldknitter - The cultist can heal every lawful being within 50' of 4d8 points of damage once per week. Subsequent rolls increase the distance by 50', double the dice healed, and increase the number of times this power can be used weekly.

23 Sign of Peace - Once per week, the cultist can command a creature to peacefulness. It may never attack lawful creatures again. Ever.

24 Proxy's Privilege - No lawful creature may strike the cultist unless the cultist initiates violence first.

25 Crown of Law - A mysterious floating crown of light appears above the cultist's head. All damage dealt to the cultist by lawful sources is reduced to 1. All damage dealt to the cultist by chaotic sources is halved.

Acts of Law


Gargonath’s Grudging Ungrievement. The cultist recites a long prayer and places his hands upon a lawful creature. That creature recovers 1d8 points of damage for every level the cultist has achieved. Wounds close, bones knit and set, and things are generally made right. The Ungrievement is ineffective against poisons.  

Requirement: The injured target must be lawful. The cultist must pray for 15 full seconds before using this act.

Faithful Defense. This Act causes a powerful golden light to shoot forth from the cultist’s hands and envelope 1 creature for every 3 levels the cultist has obtained. This light suffuses the targets and grants them a +1 bonus to AC for 1 round for every level obtained by the cultist.

Requirement: The targets must all be defending the cultist from harm, literally standing between the cultist and his foes.

Who goes? This Act, when used, allows the cultist to see the aura of everyone around him. He can examine one person per round and the Act lasts one round per level. The aura will give away what alignment category the creature leans toward and how strongly they are aligned.

Requirement: The cultist must ingest a serpent immediately before using this Act.

Do What I Do. When this Act is used, the cultist trades their initiative count with their target. The target must act on that initiative count every single round for the rest of the combat. The cultist gets to reroll his.

Requirement: The cultist must not have drawn his weapon first in this fight.

Thoughts on Rails. When this Act is used, the target’s emotional state is frozen. It remains that way for 1d4 minutes + 1 minute per level. This means that nothing that happens around them can shake them from their current state: if they are happy, nothing the PCs do can make them unhappy. Creatures affected by Thoughts on Rails may make a save vs. spell to avoid its affects. If they are affected, they still remember what was done when the Act wears off.

Requirement: The cultist must burn a satchel of fragrant incense worth at least 5 gold pieces no more than ten minutes before using this Act.

Stabilization. This Act grants all lawful creatures within 150’ a +1 bonus on all their saves. All allies in that range receive a +4 to all saves made against any type of extradimensional magic. No extradimensional creatures may attack them for the duration of this Act, which is 1d4+1 round/level.

Requirement: The cultist must have either just made a save against enemy magic or just dispatched a fiend or other extradimensional creature by some means.

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