Thursday, May 17, 2012

Giancarlo of Venice

At Mike(of Really Bad Eggs)'s request I've done up the statistics of Giancarlo of Venice, the character from the Giancarlo stories I've been writing on and off. If I've done everything correctly, this is how it should all shake out.

Strength 7
Dexterity 12
Endurance 14
Wit 12
Charm 9
Luck 16

His height and build is Average and Thin, thus granting him a +1 to his dexterity.

He is a Gentleman (born to a moderately wealthy Venetian merchant and banker).

He is a Citizen of Venice, his family name (which has yet to be revealed) appearing in the Golden Register of those families which hold citizenship.

He has 10 base hp, with no bonus for strength, +2 for high Endurance, and +1 for high Luck, giving him a total of 13. His Encumbrance Value is a base of ten, with a -1 for strength, +1 for endurance, and no modifier for dexterity (leaving him with 10.)

Having 12 skill points (1 extra point for wit and 1 extra point for luck added to the base of 10.) He's a Gentleman, having been raised in the banking practice of his father. Spending his skills he winds up with the following spread:

Banking (costs 2 points, trained by his father)
Carousing (2 points)
Etiquette (1 point)
Languages (1 point for French and 2 points for German... not enough for Croatian, but I'll say he bought it with experience at some point)
Seduction (2 points)

He knows the Italian Style of Fencing which I believe gives him an expertise rank of 10 in the foil, rapier, longsword, baton, main gauche, and buckler. He has a +1 to-hit with a lunge or thrust, and with two extra points left over he buys expertise upgrades in rapier and longsword.

He takes the flaw of Duelist (he has not yet been able to refuse a duel!) and uses that point to buy another rank of expertise in the longsword, granting him a rating of Experienced with most of his weapons, a Scholar with the longsword, and an Expert with the rapier.

He has only 12 Livres to his person (he is always poor!) and makes no yearly income as his father gives him no stipend. His social rank began at 7, but by his carousing and mercenary work (and the dishonorable way in which he fights, etc.) I figure it's not a far shot to grant him a social rank of 5 instead.

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  1. I'll go through and parse this later - looks good on first glance - but in the meantime, u can haz award, tu.